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As if you didn’t know, there is an election coming up.  And I am sure that people will say the same things over and over about voting, how it doesn’t matter and what is one vote, and about that Electoral College that they don’t understand.  I would like to tell you why I feel that voting is one of the greatest rights and privileges that I have as and American, and that any other American of voting age reading this should pay attention.  First of all voting is an active choice we make, it is the place where we as individuals have the ability to say I choose person X,Y, or Z to lead my country, be my sheriff, judge, or whatever other position that is up for grabs.  That is another thing, there are more positions that just President, and members of Congress up for grabs.  Local positions have a lot of effect over the lives of the people living in that city, state, or county.  The most important reason is this, our votes matter, or votes say we want or don’t want change.  Money and votes control public policy.  This is a fact we cannot deny.  While it seems as though the candidate with the most money ALWAYS wins, this isn’t the case, he/she has the most publicity.  But if a message is able to get big enough and strong enough a change can happen, normally it is on the local level first.  Not voting in elections leads to poor local officials, then to poor state officials, and inevitable to poor national figures.  We have the ability to choose who leads us, and we have to take that power into our hands and actively use that power.  I am not telling you who you should vote for, I just say vote.


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