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I wonder if all of you realize how historical this election is.  I know most people care about Obama getting a second term, but an incumbent president winning a second term isn’t very historical.  What people aren’t thinking about as much are state and local elections.  The first amputee and first openly-gay woman was elected into Congress.

But here is some bigger news: Puerto Rico voted “yes” on becoming a state.  Now, don’t take down your flags yet.  It doesn’t work that fast.  So, basically, every election the Puerto Ricans have had the right to choose whether or not they would become a state, and had always voted against it. They got most of the benefits but paid way less in taxes. This election, Puerto Rico has chosen to be the 51st state.

That’s great, right?  Well, for a new star to be added to the American flag, 2/3 of the House and Senate have to agree to this. Many think Republican Senators wouldn’t agree to this because the number of members of the House is set in stone at 438, so some states lose representatives to give Puerto Rico some, and many believe that they would all be Democrats.  And, in this day and age, when we can barely get enough votes to create a majority to run government, how will Congress get their heads out of their butt to do the people’s will?  I don’t know but I am curious to see how this all unfolds.

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