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Black Friday Questions

So here is my question: are all the controversies and all the hoopla necessary for Black Friday?  Do stores need to open on Thursday?  Are there people who really say, “Dang it, Target isn’t open on Thursday so I guess I won’t buy that item?”  The answer is no.  I understand the need for sales, because there are few instances where only one store carries a specific product and having it on sale means that a shopper is more likely to buy it from your store that the competitor store.
I understand that.  But what if all the stores decided to allow people and workers to not work or shop for one day and be with their family, and have all their crazy sales beginning on Friday? Will that change things?  Looking at the returns from Black Friday, it seems as though people will shop whenever and however they feel.  From online to in stores, people will shop and buy that new toy or sweater.  Why do we need to push Christmas closer and closer to Halloween?  Why can’t the holiday shopping season last for 25 days?

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