College Football Frustrations

I went to Northern Illinois University. In one of the biggest coups, my university made it to the Orange Bowl.  How did a team from the MAC make it to the Orange Bowl?  

By following the rules, and winning games and winning their championship.  What frustrated me is that NIU did everything they were supposed to do to make it into one of these amazing bowl games and the rest of the world pooping on their party–from ESPN commentators to possibly Orange Bowl officials.  

If you follow the rules and do what you are supposed to do, you belong where you are.  What kind of lesson does it teach children, or even 20-somethings when grown men speak like that, telling these players they don’t belong in a game that they earned.  

NIU earned their spot in the Orange Bowl.  Yes, NIU may have lost that particular game, but it wasn’t a blowout.  If the BCS doesn’t like lower-division schools in these nationally-televised bowl games, then the higher division schools need teams with better rankings.

OK, rant over–have a good day.

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