Two Supreme Court cases that are big for same-sex marriage

The US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for two Supreme Court cases dealing with gay marriage at the end of March.  The first is  Hollingsworth v. Perry. This case deals with the California constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.  This case will be heard on March 26th.  On March 27th, the Court will hear oral argument on the United States v. Windsor.  This case deals with denial of marriage benefits to same-sex, legally married individuals in states that have legal same-sex marriage.  This case, in my opinion, is more interesting, and will have more constitutional issues to deal with than Hollingsworth v. Perry.  The Hollingsworth v. Perry case can be argued by conservative members of the Supreme Court as a “state’s rights” issue.  But the US v. Windsor  case deals with a federal issue, meaning federal benefits, and this case would open the door to same-sex couples receiving the death benefits and social security benefits of his or her spouse, and the federal government recognizing the rights of same-sex couples.  I am interested how these cases will turn out.

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