President Obama’s Second Inauguration

If you haven’t realized this yet, I’m in China, so I receive most of my sources second-hand.  This time though I actually know one of my sources on this matter personally.  A friend of mine from university was at President Obama’s inauguration, and to paraphrase him, it was an amazing sight to see.

I sometimes wonder as a person with a degree in history and political science whether or not Obama will be remembered for his actual presidency, or for what he has, or hasn’t, accomplished (depending on your point of view).

President Obama has done many things in his first four years in office, and will do many more in is second four years, but I sometimes wonder what history will remember this man for.  Will they remember the man who fought for healthcare and business reform, or will they remember him as only “the first African-American President.”  And don’t get me wrong, that title is amazing.  I honestly didn’t believe that I would see a person with that title in my lifetime, but is that the only legacy Obama will leave?

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