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It’s Not Easy Being Pope

So, unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have heard that the Pope has announced his plans to abdicate his position as pope on February 28th.  The church will then have a conclave in early March to then choose a new Pope.  And of course just like when JP2 died there is talk about a non-European becoming Pope, but I really don’t see that happening.  Here is the real kicker, the Pope quit his job.  This hasn’t happened since the middle ages.  He says he is leaving his job because of the difficulties that come with age.  JP2 moved midnight mass to 10 pm because of the advance of age, he didn’t quit his job.  I smell something fishy.  I see a scandal.  Just saying.  I am also enjoying the articles that talk about the meteor that hit Russia and asking, “is this the end of the world.”  I am not saying the Pope shouldn’t leave office, his entire tenure as Pope has been marked with controversy and sex abuse scandal, maybe some fresh, over 50 blood will be good for church.  But how will devout Catholics feel about the head of the church just quitting his job?  Will that be even worse for the church?

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