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Is popular sovereignty still applicable?

I know that I may receive a lot of criticism for this article, but I really don’t care.  When I read all of these article from law makers saying that people will be upset because laws that were enacted by a popular vote can be deemed  unconstitutional I think of the cry of popular sovereignty.  Now for those of you without History Degrees, or who don’t remember from your history classes in High School or University, the cry of popular sovereignty was given in the battle of slavery, allowing the people in each state to choose whether or not they wanted slavery in their state.  Sound familiar?  I understand not wanting judges to overturn our rights to make laws left and right, but what about bad, or immoral laws?  Should there still be laws banning interracial marriage, Jim Crow laws, or any other judicial decision made in such a way?  It is crazy to think about it but it was only 2003 when sodomy was finally decriminalized all across America.  The will of the people, I’m sorry to say, isn’t always fair.  Large groups of people can discriminate against other people, and who’s out there to protect the rights of those people when the majority is against them?  In America it’s the courts.

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