The “=” and Everything Else in My Facebook Newsfeed

At the beginning of January I wrote this article, “Two Supreme Court Cases that are BIG for Gay Marriage Rights” and earlier this month I wrote this article, “Popular Sovereignty, Still Applicable?” So I think you know my opinion on the big Supreme Court cases going on.  But in case you don’t know.  I believe that a government should treat all of its citizens equally and fairly and not discriminate based on age, religion, sexual orientation, size, disability, or anything else I couldn’t have thought of in that string.  To me the easiest way to do that is not to make a law about it, but to not have a law against it.  But because we as Americans are stupid at times, we will probably have to make a law protecting those rights.  It’s a bit sad.

Now about my news feed.  I just find it a bit strange that everyone is changing their profile picture to an “=” sign to show support for those who believe in equal rights.  I know that I might receive flack for it but I feel as though it’s a pointless gesture.  It is easier to change your Facebook profile picture than write your congressman.  Hopefully when the decisions are stated the country is a stronger one.

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