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Should we take North Korea’s latest tantrum seriously?

As a political commentator, I should have commented on this a long time ago. But I haven’t. You may wonder why: One, I find this story interesting, but I have found other things more interesting.

To me, what is going on in North Korea seems like a kid having a tantrum in public, waiting for someone in the international community to give him what he wants. However, I don’t see a unified Korea anytime soon.  Each time there is a new leader in North Korea, something like this happens. Or whenever there seems to be any sort of political uneasiness.

What we all have to remember is this isn’t new.  This isn’t the first time that North Korea has threatened to start a major war with South Korea.  And, in recent times, North Korea has looked to China for back-up. And China has declined. Each time, North Korea has backed down because they know that if they attack South Korea that the United States will attack them back with more firepower than they could dream of.  North Korea has nuclear weapons, but the confirmed ones couldn’t reach the US mainland. That doesn’t matter because if North Korea used nuclear weapons, we would, too. And I do think that China would get involved at that point.  Of course, this is pure speculation, but this is taking history and political ties and treaties into consideration.  I can’t tell you what will happen next.  All I know is we have a nuclear power acting like Dennis the Menace with his hand itching over the red button.

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