Gun Control

Let’s move to Australia!

I have a question for everybody in the United States: what do you think the founding fathers really meant by the second amendment?  The truth is that we know that these men had not long before fought a war against what they felt was a tyrannical government and wanted to give the citizens of the United States the ability to protect themselves and the country as a well armed militia.  So does that mean that Thomas Jefferson believed that ordinary citizens should have the right to own predator drones and aircraft carriers?  We cannot look at the second amendment and assume we know what the founding fathers were thinking because, the didn’t have a clue how technology would change.

I do not believe that Thomas Jefferson or James Madison could have even dreamed of semi automatic weapons or predator drones. Let’s take the founders out of this.  Why should the ordinary American have the right to a weapon?  To protect his home and property. Makes sense. Should there be restrictions on this? I already made one.  I said “ordinary.”  The definition of ordinary implies there are people who aren’t ordinary, an other.  Who would I personally place in this “other” category? Convicted violent felons, the mentally handicapped, those who have not taken a gun safety class, and anyone under the age of 18 shouldn’t be able to own a gun. You shouldn’t be able to use a gun without taking a gun safety class, and maybe adult supervision.  Do I think the American people would be OK without having the right to own an automatic weapon AT ALL? Yes.  Politicians and news agents make you think that your “fundamental liberties” are being taken away, but I feel more of my liberties being snatched going through airport security than the idea of not owning an assault weapon or having to have a background check before owning a gun.  Where were these politicians when the rules came out saying that we had to take off our shoes?  It’s the same idea: a short inconvenience in order to do something that you want to do.

Fuck it, maybe I’ll just move to Australia.  Gun control has worked there.  The big difference between them and us that isn’t discussed is that Australia is an island without a southern border connected to the black market. But maybe, just maybe, politicians can learn something from a country that enacted gun control laws that worked.

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