Boy Scouts Drop Ban on Gay Members but Not Gay Scout Leaders

On Thursday the voting members of the executive counsel of the Boy Scouts of America voted to lift its ban on gay scouts, but not on gay scout leaders.  61 percent of the voting members voted to lift the ban on gay members but not on gay leaders siting issues of safety.  This ban doesn’t only apply to homosexual males, it applies to homosexual females as well. So, it doesn’t seem to me to be just to be about safety.  To quote BSA’s Chief Executive, “This has been a challenging chapter in our history,” Wayne Brock, said after the vote. “While people have differing opinions on this policy, kids are better off when they’re in Scouting.”  While some church groups and very conservative leaders are upset by this decision I think it is a step in the right direction.  Scouting may not be the most popular institution anymore, but maybe making this organization more inclusive will help.  We are a nation that says “bring me your tired, your poor and your hungry,” and yet an organization, that does receive government subsidies, that bans members based on sexual orientation doesn’t teach this to children.  Children should be taught to love one another.  Hopefully this lift on gay members, but ban on gay leaders doesn’t cause issues and threats within the ranks of BSA.  I hope that once the BSA sees that gay members don’t ruin the organizations, that these gay scouts will fight to become gay scout leaders and this ban will completely be lifted within the next few years.

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