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A little about Pope Francis

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Pope Benedict abdicated his “Popeness” and there is a new Pope in town.  Pope Francis is much more vivacious. And although he is 76, he truly seems to be a Pope for the young people and the masses.  This is a papal administration that caters to those who go to World Youth Day or at least follow the Pope onTtwitter.  I say “administration because” the Vatican is a government and the Pope is the head of state.  Vatican City is a country with passports and everything.  The Pope is the elected leader.

This Pope shines light on issues of importance that people don’t seem to pay attention to.  But he also sets harsher punishments for information leaking.  He also set harsher punishments for sex abuse.  This Pope is new and exciting and could reinvigorate the Catholic people the world over to feel happy, safe and content in their religion.

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