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Why should capitalist countries help with healthcare?

America is a capitalist country with some socialist tendencies.  But I don’t think anyone in the United States would ever want to become completely socialist, nor would total capitalism ever work.  The United States is a large and diverse country with many people with many ideas–and that’s a good thing.

Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the economy and what brings innovation and growth to America.  But healthcare is hugely expensive in America for many reasons.  What expensive healthcare does is make people have to choose between following their dreams and working on new projects like starting a new businesses, or many other things, and their health.  The majority of Americans receive their healthcare from their job, or from a family member who works for a big company.  And it is a good thing that companies help with healthcare, but what if the government helped those who want to grow the economy? What if the government took that fear off your back and said, that, to a point, we’ll help pay for part or all of your healthcare?  Those who are permanent students, because they are then guaranteed healthcare, would be able to actually work. Creative people stuck at companies they don’t want to work for could start their own businesses. Many men and women would be able, with less fear, be able to follow their own dreams and see how they could change the world.  Because that is what capitalism is about: hard work and innovation making the economy and society better. Why not let people do that with less fear?

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