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John Dingell Has the best Quote on the Current State of Congress


Yet again, the phrase “government shutdown” is being thrown around. And, yet again, Congress, in it’s ever-greater pissing contest between the Democrats and Republicans, are putting the American people in harm’s way.  The longest-serving member of the House, Rep. John Dingell (D., Mich.), said recently that “this once-deliberative body has been taken over by knaves and know-nothings, content with putting partisan politics ahead of the American people.” He added. “I believe that this current Congress would be incapable of passing the Ten Commandments or even the Lord’s Prayer, and today’s actions have only further galvanized that belief.”

Congress is looking at PAC committees and people who fund their elections, but they don’t look at the voters and they don’t look at what the American people need in this day and age. We live in an  interconnected world where local, national, and federal issues matter to the people.  Everyone can easily see the sorry state of their healthcare system and use the Internet to see what is better and worse about the healthcare systems of the world.  I hope that, if this budget shutdown does happen, Democrats and Republicans can make the necessary compromises to have a budget and that Obama will take a stand on healthcare–take a stand for the average person, and take a stand on something he believes strongly in.

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