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The Government Shutdown

I am hoping like heck that this government shutdown and the outrage that comes with it will mobilize change.  Not just change in Congress, but mobilize the people to realize that extremists in government mean that nothing will ever get done.  The founding fathers believed in compromise. Hence, why we have a two-chambered Legislature. But as of today, with the way that this government is running, I don’t believe that these men and women would be able to do anything good for the people of the United States unless they were paid to do so.  I have seen memes about Congressmen wearing jackets of who paid for their election campaigns, and I would love to see that.  I would love to see who is really running the show.  These men and women forget that there are real people who won’t be able to pay their mortgages, who won’t be able to pay for anything because they don’t have money because the government is shutdown.  American taxpayers provide more money to pay for the healthcare that others can’t afford, because they don’t have a job that provides them with health insurance, or they don’t have a job, or they are too poor.  Everyone agrees that our healthcare system is broken, and rather than actually working together to fix anything, like a good Congress should, a bill was passed in 2010 that does a good, not perfect, job and working out some of these problems.  One of the reasons I am overseas is that I can’t afford to get sick in America, but I can find a job, and afford to get sick in China.  Now if i get sick with something horrible, I will wish I was in America, but for a cold, the flu or something standard I am well assured that I can afford to be sick in China.  And that is the thing this government isn’t looking at, how many people the government is loosing overseas or to the private sector.  Companies don’t care about that, but the American people do.

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