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Who to blame for the government shutdown?


This morning, I was sitting in my apartment eating my delicious egg pancake and catching up on Facebook.  I kept reading about who people “blame” for the government shutdown and I thought I would give you my list of people I blame, in no particular order.

1:  The liberal media.  I am taking no prisoners here.  I keep hearing about how the Republicans won’t compromise and that they shut the government down over a bill that the Congress already passed (which is true), but what about the liberal media?  The liberal media would constantly give Obama flak if he ever compromised, ever listened to, ever talked to the Republicans.  At the beginning of his administration, Obama was able to push his agenda through because he had a Super-majority.  When he lost that, at first he was playing nice with the new members of Congress even though they weren’t playing nice back. And when he did, the liberal media was up in arms.  Take a look at the Affordable Healthcare Act–that was a compromise, that wasn’t what the Democrats wanted; it was a Republican compromise.  The media forgets about how much crap they gave Obama for compromising.

2:  The conservative media.  The conservative media spends more time scaring the American people over “death panels” and “Obama’s Birth certificate” than giving information that I can believe.  I know that not everything that comes from a journalist in accurate and that everything has a spin, but I feel as though there is a 360 degree spin when I watch them.  This media has made it so the Republican members of Congress feel as though they can’t compromise–they can’t negotiate and that they can’t meet in the middle with the Democrats.

3:  Obama.  Just had to put him on the list. But the truth is, until there is a budget bill on his desk that he chooses to veto, I can’t blame him for the shutdown.  I can blame him for some of the liberal rhetoric, but the truth is he has been damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t from day one due to the media on both sides of the political spectrum.  So I throw my hands up on this one.

4: Congress.  This is who I really blame for the shutdown.  These House and Senate members took an oath to defend the constitution, not the people who buy their elections.  The Founding Fathers wanted political discourse but not a group of men and women who put their own self-interest in getting re-elected above their constituents. I hope they all realize this when they are out of a job in November.

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