Bringing it Back to the Beginning

Long time readers of The Sexy Politico, thank you for sticking with us.  With the current state of the government here in America, dear readers, I became burnt out on the current political discourse and was not able to analyze it objectively.    With the beginning of a new presidential term, The Sexy Politico is back and better than ever with political commentary, news, sports, and much more.  We will be keeping you abreast of the latest information the best we can.

We are always looking for writers on both sides of the political spectrum and around the world to keep The Sexy Politico current.

Again, thank you for your dedication.  When I began writing The Sexy Politico in November of 2009 I could not imagine that I would have worked on this website over multiple continents and through multiple presidencies.   I wouldn’t be doing this without you.

Jacqueline Scott

Founder and Publisher of The Sexy Politico

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