A Dog’s Purpose Boycott

Recently footage from the new family friendly movie A Dog’s Purpose has been released by TMZ, and what is seen is quite disturbing.  In the footage we see an animal trainer push a dog into fast-moving water.  The dog, named Hercules, did not want to go into the water and we see the trainer pushing the dog into the water, and the dog climbing its way out.

A Dog’s Purpose is meant to be a heartwarming, family-friendly movie, but the fall out of this film being released has been detrimental to the film.  The Hollywood premier was canceled due to the controversy.  PETA is spearheading a campaign to boycott the movie, in an attempt to show movie production companies that dogs are not just movie props and should be treated ethically.  According to USA Today, there are more than twenty petitions on Change.org calling for a boycott or a ban of this movie, with an Australian petition having more than nineteen thousand signatures at the time this article was written.

I have included the TMZ footage below.  Please remember some may find this disturbing.


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