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Donald Trump was elected because many people saw him as a straight shooter. He told it like it is and did not care about political correctness or making people happy. As the Trump campaign has continued we saw the Trump campaign make assertions that were based on half-truths, twisting the facts, or just made up lies.

It was believed, or hoped, that once President Trump came into the White House he would take his job seriously. As the leader of one of the world’s most respected superpowers, one tends to believe the words that come out of that leader’s mouth, or his or her social media.

President Obama was the first presidential candidate to use social media in any real way, to reach out to voters and as a fundraising tool. When President Obama became president his twitter was taken over by advisors and eventually, he received a @POTUS twitter handle.

President Trump has been using his twitter account as a way to distract the American people. President Trump’s twitter account has been courting controversy throughout the election and into his presidency. It seems as though the President’s most controversial tweets come when his daughter and son in law are observing Shabbat. Shabbat is a practice by many in the Jewish community where you do not do anything that creates work from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. Ivanka and Jared are close advisors, and some say, moderating forces on the President.

The tweets where the president accused former President Obama of “wiretapping” him have been causing a lot of controversies, especially since no evidence was cited.

Most believe Trump created this controversy so the media would stop discussing Jeff Sessions.

Yesterday in a press conference Sean Spicer said, the president didn’t mean wiretapping, he meant surveillance, and we would know this because Trump used quotations around the word wiretapping. He also didn’t mean Barak Obama himself, he meant the Obama administration. You know like the American people would understand that when a man who was elected for being a straight shooter has to have his tweets translated for him.

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