Do I Care What Type of Mom I Will Become?

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Sitting here a couple of days before Mother’s Day, very pregnant, I am thinking about my future with my son? I read all of these articles about breastfeeding, organic foods, ways to discipline, and yet he hasn’t even been born yet. Why do I need to think or worry about the type of mother I will be before I even get to know my son?

It is strange to me to think about how different the world is then even when my older cousins began having children. We, new moms, worry about so much. From having your relatives get vaccinated to having Dr Google scare the crap out of you, new moms are inundated with information and yet feel so alone.

I think we feel alone because there has been so much new research about parenting, and preventing SIDS and other things of that nature that our parents didn’t know or understand, and you don’t want to correct your parents. So you don’t ask them the simple questions or ask them for help. This leaves a new mom feeling more alone, even though your social media is filled with pictures of new moms and their babies on their best days.

So what type of mom do I want to be? The kind that asks questions, “takes chances, makes mistakes and gets messy.” Ms Frizzle may have said it first but, I hope that is the type of mom I will be.

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