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The Impeachment Ball is Now in the Senate’s Court

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At around 5:30 pm DC time Nancy Pelosi signed the Articles of Impeachment and the seven Impeachment Managers officially delivered them to the Senate, setting into motion the next string of Constitutionally mandated events that will most likely lead to the acquittal of President Trump (while I hope he is removed from office, I am a realist).

Pelosi delayed delivering the Impeachment to the Senate to try to guarantee witnesses at the Senate trial. This tactic has not seemed to work.

Pelosi has already assigned seven Democratic Impeachment Managers. Impeachment Managers are the prosecution for this trial and represent the House of Representatives as a whole. The Impeachment Managers are:

  • House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff
  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler
  • Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
  • Congressman Hakeem Jeffries
  • Congresswoman Val Demings
  • Congressman Jason Crow
  • Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia

These members will be arguing the House’s case. The President will have his lawyers arguing for his defence.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has scheduled to officially receive the articles tomorrow (Thursday) at noon. McConnell has also announced the trial will begin on Tuesday.

When the House Managers deliver the articles the next steps can begin. All of the Senators will work six days a week. Senators will take an oath of impartiality probably on Friday and will deliver the trial notice to the Chief Justice thereafter.

McConnell is trying to tightly control the narrative surrounding the Impeachment trial by controlling media access, sighting security concerns.

This story is still unfolding. Will McConnell allow for witnesses? Will, there be a trial, or will the Senate just dismiss all charges? How will this affect the election? All of this remains to be seen, but we are moving forward with this.

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