A Third-Party Candidate in 2020

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One of the scariest thoughts, for Democrats, in the 2020 election, is for Bernie Sanders to run as a third-party candidate The second scariest thought is for anyone appealing to run as a third-party candidate.

In the 2020 Election, for a Democratic candidate to win there needs to only be one option. It is very difficult to unseat a sitting president especially if there are boots on the ground anywhere in the world. President Clinton was the last president to do so, but the First Gulf War was over by the election.

What would a liberal third party candidate do in this election? The third party candidate could fire up the far left wing of the Democratic Party. Especially the members of the party that have issues with former Vice President Joe Biden being a moderate. These are also the members of the party that would most likely have a negative reaction to the Tara Reade scandal. These voters would most likely stay home on Election Day rather than voting for Biden.

A third party candidate would give these voters someone to rally around and campaign for. This could push liberal moderates away from Joe Biden, giving the election to President Trump.

A third party conservative candidate will not hurt President Trump as much. While he may loose some voters, the power of the presidency and his social media stature would make up for anything that a true conservative would say against the president. As president Donald Trump controls the message of the Republican Party, and most of the fundraising mechanisms funnel through him.

A Democrat would be losing money and votes from a liberal third-party candidate. A third-party candidate would most likely cost the Democrats the White House. From my research, no third-party candidate is on the ballot in all fifty states. That can change as time goes on. The Demoocrats need to prepare.

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