Midterm Elections are in Less than Five Months

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The Midterm Elections are in less than five months in the United States.

That means every member of the House of Representatives is in a Primary Election right now, some more contested than others. Thirty-Four Senators and thirty-six governors are in primary elections right now. And countless state and local offices are on your primary ballots.

If you want a candidate on the General Election ballot representing your issues, you need to vote for them in the primary election. Voters need to do their research on local candidates and school board members. The Federal Government cannot be relied upon to keep our rights safe. We need to vote for legislators and board members that support our interests rather than voting for the person who shows up at the top of the ballot.

I get it. It’s hard to know what every candidate stands for. Or, frankly who is running. Maryland has sent us sample ballots in the mail weeks before elections to allow us to do our research on candidates, but it is hard to know what a candidate stands for or what a position does or doesn’t do.

After living through a school shooting and becoming a parent, I have become very pro weapons regulation. When I look at candidate I look at their positions on gun control, gun safety and other issues related to weapons. Your issue may be something else. Your issue may be abortion rights, your issue may be immigration, your issue may be taxes. Having an issue or issues that is important to you makes researching candidates less overwhelming, in my opinion.

We just need to remember to vote, and remind our friends and family to do so. We don’t want the primaries decided on by some else, and then be frustrated by the candidates. Voterly.com is a good resource for information about elections. They are accurate about two weeks before your election. Your county board of elections should have information you need as well. Let’s go out there and remind people to vote.

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