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The Sexy Politico Podcast talks about Pet CBD with Emma Davis of Mikko’s Choice

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Jackie with The Sexy Politico talks about Ped CBD with Emma Davis of Mikko’s Choice.

Today we talked with Emma Davis, founder of Mikko’s Choice. Mikko’s Choice is a pet CBD company based in the West Coast of the United States. Emma tells us a bit about how she got involved in the CBD space and some of the unique challenges she has faced, such as the different state laws and credit card company issues that those in the CBD space face.

If you would like more information about her product or company, her links are here.

Mikko’s Choice Website: Mikkoschoice.com

Mikko’s Choice Instagram: @Mikkos_Choice Mikko’s Choice

Facebook: @MikkosChoice

Briankangal Instagram: @briankangal

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