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We All Need To Breathe And Think About This

Honestly, America, I wish I knew what to say.  I feel as though all of us need to stop, breathe, and think about our words and actions when it come to the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases.  We have heard many facts and interpretations of this situation and many people’s feelings about this.

Here is the bottom line:

Mike Brown and Eric Garner were both men, and although each man had committed a crime, each man also deserved to live to see his day in court.  The officers in question do have the right to protect themselves, if their lives are in danger.  Now it’s hard for me to say who is right and who is wrong without trying to be an armchair CSI investigator.  My father always told me, that there is always more information that the media doesn’t have.  And that may or may not be the case but we as the American people have a responsibility now.

We need to work together.  I don’t understand how looting and violence is going to fix anything.  We, as a nation, have to work together to find a solution.  The criminal justice system and our prison systems need to be reformed I think that rather than listening to our Facebook news feeds and screaming at the the world our frustrations we should work together to find a real solution to the problems of police brutality and racism in our criminal justice system.

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