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The Sexy Politico was founded in 2009 in DeKalb, Illinois, by Publisher Jacqueline Yap. It was formed to create a place where all could feel free to write their opinions openly and to bring constructive collaboration to bear on tough topics. We strongly maintain that informed, productive dialogue isn’t just important for a good discussion—it’s sexy. For this reason, we present our coverage very carefully: life is often many shades of grey; politics is neither red nor blue—it’s purple.

The Sexy Politico aims to form a diverse community for the discussion of emergent, developing, and crucial topics at home and abroad. In order to meet the goal of presenting all sides of a story, this platform is intended to permit the sides to undertake a collaborative and constructive dialogue. Reflecting this vision and our goal, The Sexy Politico‘s team comprises members from all walks of life. Hailing from around the world, we have come together to offer one-of-a-kind insight and scrutiny. We cover the topics that truly matter to you—and bring attention to the ones that should.

If you like what we’ve got on offer but think we’re missing a certain perspective, add yours to the mix! The Sexy Politico is always looking to add staffers to our masthead with unique opinions and Voices. We place tremendous value on the individual Voices that make up any discussion. We believe that your voice is important and deserves to be heard. Become part of the discussion by contacting us at jscott@thesexypolitico.com

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