About Us – The Sexy Politico Story

Step into the vibrant world of The Sexy Politico, born in DeKalb, Illinois, in 2009. Our founder, Jacqueline Yap, envisioned a welcoming space for voices eager to share, debate, and collaborate. Here, we celebrate the art of conversation because we know that insightful, engaging discourse isn’t just valuable—it’s utterly sexy.

We at The Sexy Politico present our stories with nuance and care, aware that life’s richness often appears in various hues, just like politics isn’t a matter of red or blue—it’s a dynamic spectrum of purple.

Embrace our diverse community, the heart of The Sexy Politico, where crucial conversations on local and international topics take center stage. We shine because of our team—diverse individuals from across the globe, dedicated to offering fresh perspectives and in-depth analysis on the issues you care about, as well as those that deserve the spotlight.

If you’re yearning to add your voice to a piece that’s missing, we’re here for it. The Sexy Politico is always on the lookout for new members to join our family, with unique views and voices. We value the power of every individual to contribute to the conversation. Your voice is not just welcome—it’s essential. Come and join us, share your stories, and be heard by contacting us at jyap@thesexypolitico.com. We can’t wait to welcome your perspective to our collective dialogue.

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