Rand Paul is Running For President: Doesn’t Surprise Me

Rand Paul is running for president, and his machine is in full gear.  This doesn’t surprise me.  For the last four years the Pauls, Rand and Ron, have made sure that their message was clear and on the front page of political papers.  I have even done a few articles about Mr. Paul.  One Series about Rand Paul and his run in with TSA in January of 2012, Rand Paul Detained by TSA, and related questions led to How Much Power does TSA Have, and finally Rand Paul Says: “Stop Groping our Toddlers and Grandmothers.”  In 2013 Paul led a thirteen hour filibuster to answer the question “does the President have the authority to use drone strikes on American soil?”  The first article was Rand Paul’s Filibuster then Off of Rand Paul’s Website , and finally the Ramifications of a Filibuster all dealt with this topic.  The answer the government gave to Paul’s question was “no.”  Rand Paul is very media savvy and social media savvy.  His Facebook page, Twitter page, and home page are already working to raise the money needed to face the high power opponents like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

But who is this man?  We already know his father, but what does Rand Paul stand for?

According to his website, he is a fan of limited government and isn’t a career politician: he wanted to come to Washington to “shake things up and make a difference.”  His Presidential campaign website is very clear, I am a Christian, who does volunteer work and I help veterans.  A great website for traditional Republicans.

Now let’s look at his Senate website, paul.senate.gov.  The issues he has on his website are: “Advancing Energy Security,” “Advocating for Sanctity of Life,” “Balancing our Nation’s Budget,” “Expanding Economic Opportunity,” “Promoting Opportunity through Education,” Protecting Gun Rights,” “Protecting Privacy and Civil Liberties,” “Putting Patients First,” “Reforming Washington through Term Limits,” “Reversing Burdensome Regulations,” “Securing our Nation,” and “Supporting our Nation’s Heroes.”

Will Paul ride on the coattails of his father?  Is Paul more electable than Cruz?   These are things that remain to be seen, but I am looking forward to this month because I believe that the majority of the candidates will come out and declare their candidacy this month.

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