Things I’ve Learned From Tina Fey

1. It really is possible to have a personality that can compensate for whatever you might be lacking in the “generic good-looks” department.
2. This –
3. Whatever it is you think you’re lacking the ”generic good-looks” department, you probably aren’t lacking it at all.
4. Girls can be funny too!

Seriously, I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve always felt as though guys can do anything and somehow make it funny. Like farting. Especially farting. Guys are just somehow frustratingly good at being able to make absolutely anything induce the giggles. When I feel like I’m doomed because all I really want is to be hilarious but I can’t because biology won’t let me, Tina Fey reminds me that being female and having a sense of humor aren’t mutually exclusive.

5. As a female, it is always your responsibility to hold back your bestie’s hair… Always.
6. If awesome people procreate and make more awesome offspring, we can save humanity.

 7. The world seems like a better place when we can take a step back, pull the sticks out of our asses and make fun of politics.

Because let’s be honest, some of the people in politics just suck and need to be made fun of. 
Just kidding! 
Well, kind of. Politics tends to be complicated, frustrating, scary, and, generally, quite depressing. And while it’s true that there are serious issues that need to be discussed and handled appropriately by the people in government, who doesn’t love a little comic relief?

8. Dressing up and doing stupid things with your best friend is fun, and you should do it often.

If the fact that it’s fun (and probably engrained into female biology) isn’t enough to convince you to do it more, then just remember – one day you might be famous for it! 

9. It’s okay to be cynical sometimes.
10. Sometimes people grow up to be “different”. But that’s okay. Everyone needs to just chill out a little.
11. I need to find better things to do with my time.

Originally posted on marikhacabel.com

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