Candidate Profile: Roseanne Barr, a long shot

While looking up the list of 2016 Presidential candidates, one name at the bottom of the list surprised me a great deal: Roseanne Barr. Barr has become quite political in recent years, if you follow her on Twitter you will see what I mean. So it doesn’t surprise me that she would get involved in politics.

I did some reading. Googling “Roseanne Barr presidential campaign” returns information about a documentary that she is releasing. Unknown to me until today, Barr ran for president in 2012 with the Peace and Freedom Party and came in sixth according to the Federal Election Committee’s online listing. The film she has released is called Roseanne For President. I am curious to watch it when it comes out in wider release.

It has been tricky to find information about her 2016 run for office. She has yet to, as of June 3, 2015, officially file paperwork with the Federal Election Committee. But she announced her candidacy on March 12th on her Twitter account. Yet in a April 21st article for Salon, about her new film, when asked if she was running said, “I won’t say ‘no’ yet.” I haven’t been able to find information about her official positions, but if one looks at her twitter, her political party, and her last run for president it’s easy to imagine that her platform will be pro-woman, pro-Israel, for marriage equality, legalization of marijuana, and student loan forgiveness.

I am looking forward to seeing her film. Delving into what it means to be a third-party candidate seems very interesting. I don’t know what chance Barr has for president this year, with the field being so bloated, but I am very interested in reading her position papers when they are released.

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