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Discovery: the BEST ways to cut an onion

Preparing for an event recently, I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to julienne an entire case of red onions. That’s fifty pounds of lachrymatory factor-laden bulbs, for the uninitiated.

Such a deplorable task would usually be delegated a hapless prep cook. But when you work all by your lonesome, there are no such poor patsies.

I’m skillful with a knife and made quick work of the alliums. Still, though, I found myself thinking–through all the free-flowing tears–that there simply must be a more efficient way to chop so many onions. So, I turned to the best resource and authority there is on all things culinary: the Internet.

After I learned that I Suck at Cooking, I was thrilled to find that there are, in fact, many more skillful ways to reduce an onion. Thanks to all the wartime innovation during WWII, onion chopping technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Check out the video below to learn some new tips and tricks!

(H/T The Kitchn).


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