Emailgate: Hillary’s still-developing Democratic scandal

Hillary Clinton wrote work-related emails using a private account on a private server when she was Secretary of State.  Clinton has stated on multiple occasions that she did not send classified emails on her private email server using her private email account. On Friday, that statement has been proven untrue.  The Inspector-General reviewed a limited sampling of Mrs. Clinton’s email archive. The Office of the Inspector General looked at 40 emails and 4 of them contained material that was “classified then, and classified now,” as the Inspector General’s spokeswoman, Andrea Williams., told CNN.

Clinton, who is already starting to show cracks in her facade on the campaign trail, is having a hard time being seen as honest. Hillary should have learned years ago revealing all the facts to the American people right away will always be easier than letting the media do it for you.  The media scrutiny alone may wreck what could be her final chance to run for President.

The New York Times first reported this story Thursday and then revised the story significantly to add that the Department of Justice wants to launch a criminal probe into Clinton’s mishandling of information. DOJ is saying that it’s just an inquiry into the mishandling of the emails and not a criminal probe into Clinton herself–thought that may come later.

This issue has been in the news for months: it became public knowledge in March of 2013.  This became an issue because it was realized there are no email records from Clinton from a State Department email server.  She stated in March that she only set up a private server because she didn’t want to carry two devices, one for work and one for personal matters.  She’s done something that many of us have done: sending work emails at home, or using our personal email addresses for work. If she worked a corporate job., she would just be yelled at by her boss and that would be the end of it. But she was the Secretary of State–and she was compromising national security.  We don’t use carrier pigeons anymore to discuss diplomacy, we use the Internet. I hope Hillary wasn’t using her Gmail account.

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