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How to Efficiently Enhance Yourself

How to Efficiently Enhance Yourself

Are you stuck in a rut? Wasting time, procrastinating, and not feeling like you have achieved your daily goals? Well, here’s good news for you! The road to self-improvement is easy. It does not take long to enhance yourself, in fact it only takes around fifteen minutes a day to improve in one way or another.

Here are five things you can do everyday that only take five to thirty minutes to do and will make you feel much better about yourself:

  1. Short workout videos

Going to the gym for an hour-long workout session can seem so daunting. You tell yourself you’ll go every day, but then you realize you either didn’t have time or didn’t make time. There is an alternative: work out for fifteen minutes and do circuit training. A short workout video with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is actually more effective than going on your elliptical for an hour or jogging on a treadmill. Most HIIT workout videos are ten to thirty minutes long. All you have to do is check out YouTube’s BeFit channel which has a plethora of high-intensity workouts available. Personally, I’m a fan of  Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Circuits as well as the ten minute Victoria’s Secret Model Work Out.

  1. Write

Writing is a great way to get your thoughts out, whether it’s to share with others or just for yourself.  Not only is it an excellent way to channel your creative energy, but writing for around fifteen to thirty minutes a day can help you profoundly in life. Writing does not take long; an article can be written in half an hour–in fact, many sitcom writers only spend only about thirty minutes writing an entire twenty-minute episode.  Diary writing is particularly helpful exercise to do when you have gone through a difficult time in your life or you have something on your mind that is bothering you. Putting your thoughts on paper will help you rationalize your feelings. The time you spend writing out your thoughts will actually save you time, as you will no longer have to think and obsess over trivial matters. Even making lists or schedules can help you save time and be more productive. I suggest using 750Words.com, to motivate yourself to write a little bit every day.

  1. Read an Article

Articles are short, take barely any time to read, and can be very informative. Whether it’s a news article keeping you informed or an article offering you advice, it will help you in some way. In today’s world, staying informed is easier than ever: articles just pop up on your Facebook news feed! All you have to do is instead of just reading the headlines, actually click on them and read them through, five to ten minutes out of your life is a short price to pay to stay informed or learn something new.

  1. Pray or Meditate

Praying and meditating do not take much time. If you’re a spiritual or person you’ll know that praying or meditating help you bond with a higher power and soothe your mind. They take you away for a short time from a world of worry and stress. If you start to pray or meditate, you’ll feel more on top of things and more focused on other tasks as well. There are some great meditation tapes you can find online to help you get started, such as UCLA Health.

  1. Just do it!

If you have some pending tasks that you know won’t take too much time, yet you’re still procrastinating, just stop it! Whether it’s replying to your emails, redrafting your resume, updating an online profile, or even messaging that friend you’ve been meaning to reconnect with, get up and just do it! Listen to Shia LaBeouf’s “motivational speech”and JUST DO IT!

It won’t take too long and the sooner you do it the sooner it’ll be over and you’ll be on the path to self-betterment!

If these five things are done regularly you will feel better, look better, and probably be closer to achieving the rest of your goals in life. It really does not take long.

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