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WDBJ Shooting

In a horrific turn of events, two journalists were killed during a live news broadcast. Allison Parker and Adam Ward were doing routine on air interviews when Vester L. Flanagan II, a former employee for WDBJ in Virginia, shot the reporters. He also shot Vicki Gardner, the woman being interviewed, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Reports say that it even looked like he took his time to aim and get the best looking shot for social media.  Flanagan used the on air name Bryce Williams when working for WDBJ and was fired two years ago for being hostile.  Flanagan commited suicide after a brief police chase.

This story is complicated by a 23 page fax that was sent to ABC news.  This fax stated that Flanagan was bullied and a victim of discrimination. He said he was compelled to respond to the Charleston shooting and took the Virginia Tech shooting as an example.


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