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Pocket Review: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Young adult, dystopian, and science fiction movies are some of my absolute favorites and I enjoy watching as many as possible. This weekend, I went to a showing of the second Maze Runner film, The Scorch Trials. After the film was over the first thing I thought was “hot damn.” The film was visually incredible with amazing action scenes — I was literally holding my breath for the majority of the film — and a talented and diverse cast!

The first Maze Runner film is one of my all-time-favorite dystopian films due to its dark and gritty nature, fantastic acting, and skillfully done action sequences. The second film almost surpasses the first one in all regards. While the first film involved a literal maze this one creates a more metaphorical maze with people, diseased humanoid creatures called cranks, and the mysterious — and clearly nefarious — organization: WCKD. The main cast, with a few new additions, are a diverse set of young actors who manage to portray the complicated position of rebels in a twisted system who are still just a group of young kids in an untenable situation. Along with the serious and dark side of the film, there are light and humorous moments which create depth in a world one would imagine to be full of darkness.

The main characters in the film|Image Credit: Bookstacked

The main characters in the film|Image Credit: Bookstacked

The cinematography of the film was incredible; one scene where the actors are silhouetted against a sand dune is still stuck in my head due to the sheer loneliness and beauty of the moment. The action sequences are AMAZING and the film manages to create various sequences in its 130 minute runtime. There was a terrifying mall scene and a horrifying tunnel sequence (both of which caused me to literally hide in my sweater). Although the film is a middle movie–one that is often full transitions–it was an incredible sequel that has made me desperate to see the third installment in the pentalogy (2017 is way too far away).

A still from the film|Image Credit: io9

A still from the film|Image Credit: io9

This film is honestly one of my favorite films of the year; as I was leaving the cinema I was 100% certain that if someone offered me an opportunity to re-watch the film right then I would have taken it. I am super excited for the next film and to read the novels on which they are based — ASAP. One aspect of the film I especially appreciated was the sheer diversity of actors that made up the cast. Many films add diverse actors in token parts or make them appear forced; Maze Runner: Scorch Trials has a cast of diverse actors who play pivotal parts and thus create a film that appears far more realistic and relatable for everyone, especially when compared to other young adult films where the cast is predominantly Caucasian.

I would rate the film 9/10 because it is a visually incredible experience with talented actors and an enthralling story line albeit a few rushed scenes.

You should #besexy and check out Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials this month at your local cinema!

Image Credit: 8tracks

Image Credit: 8tracks

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