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Peace Into The New Year

This has been a rough time for the country.  We have had a series of high profile mass shootings and political leaders who have been using fear as a way to gain supporters.  What does this give us, as US citizens, to hope for next year?

1:  I hope that fear mongering makes us strive for a more educated populace.


2:  I hope that truth can overcome fear.


3:  I hope that politicians can think of what is best for the country, and not just what is best for their supporters or reelection bids.


In this day and age it is easy for the internet and social media to distract us.  We see high profile shootings and believe that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Violent crime is down nationwide, yet all we hear about is police brutality and mass shootings. In the last few years, Americans are happier and unemployment is low, but we hear only about the pockets of urban poverty.  Happiness and joy doesn’t sell newspapers, so how do we show that there’s hope in the world?  It’s up to individuals.  If everyone got onto Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #showlove maybe we could find the hope in this world and in this season.



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