Pocket Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Image Credit: TV Line

Image Credit: TV Line

I was extremely skeptical about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. As a huge fan of Marvel’s Daredevil I worry about mainstream television not being able to cope with the depth and darkness that these complex and nuanced characters have. So when I heard that LoT had cast Arthur Darvill I was both annoyed and excited – annoyed since I hadn’t planned on watching the show and excited because after his stints on Doctor Who and Broadchurch I was really looking forward to seeing Darvill again. I decided to watch the pilot and boy, was I surprised in a good way.

Rip Hunter and Atom|Image Credit: TV Guide

Rip Hunter and Atom|Image Credit: TV Guide

With a stellar cast, this show is showcasing an interesting and diverse range of characters. Darvill, as the time traveler Captain Rip Hunter, and his AI interface Gideon make for a surprisingly charming and snarky team while the other team members are all intriguing in their own ways. I love how they are all introduced in the beginning: a sequence which both provides a little backstory for each of them and allows us to see them pre-Legends. Although the beginning was a little bit rushed – an issue which I had been worried about – the rest of the episode was really quite good with a decent amount of action and comedy even though the content is quite serious. The backstory was sufficient to pique my interest even though I haven’t been keeping up with Arrow recently. With a fancy time spaceship, two criminals, an immortal bad guy, and a talking pixelated head I think this show is going to be a keeper.

Overall, the first part of the Pilot episode rates a solid 8/10 for me. With a little more attention paid to timing and small plot issues (especially for someone who is not overly familiar with the Arrow and Flash universes) I think this show can become truly fantastic; it has all the qualities of an enduring and captivating TV show full of snarky characters which doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it the perfect thing to watch on a Thursday night.

I am excited and immensely impatient for the next episode to come out.

Check out DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on the CW or CTV (in Canada).

The Team|Image Credit: Comics Online

The Team|Image Credit: Comics Online

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