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What The “Open Letter” Trend Says About America


In 2016, America feels like a giant, sleepy bear.

Wandering, searching, looking within around one simple question: Who should be the next President of the United States of America?

As we approach the 250th anniversary of our country’s history, a trend is emerging. Open letters, formerly reserved for the political elites and leaders like Paul Graham, are now becoming something for schoolteachers and students alike.

No longer is social media solely a place to show off pictures of you in the Fraternity house with your friends or immaculate sushi spreads. Millennials are growing up, and social media is expanding towards something greater, which is more clearly aligned with who they really are and less with how they want to portray themselves.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are inspiring the outspoken side within us. Simply put, humans are becoming more comfortable expressing themselves online.

It’s fascinating to hear that most of the commenters on TheSexyPolitico are European currently. Maybe blogging is more deeply engrained in European culture; perhaps the imperative to blog and comment without trolling requires a level of maturity not always found in YouTube and CNN comment circles in America.

The Open Letter is a direct way to send a message. It is an unfettered and raw speech; a 21st century hand written letter. The reason that it is trending on Medium today is because of a shift that quickly accelerating.

Figuring out the answers to the Apple encryption case, regulating cryptocurrency, integrating AI and robotics into the workforce, handling drones, and other crucial issues require discussion.

As the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and #TheIceBucketChallenge have shown, if the mediums of social media are used correctly, we can make significant and point progress towards finding the collectively best answers.

It requires some patience and vulnerability, too.  Also a listening ear.

Like a bear emerging onto the mountains, America is awakening from its slumber.

This is my first post for TheSexyPolitico.  Hoping this inspires an Open Letter to someone or in response.


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