Cosby to Stand Trial

Bill Cosby is to face trial in Pennsylvania for the alleged 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand, an employee at Temple University, Cosby’s alma mater.  Constand was the first person to come forward with sexual assault claims against Cosby in 2005.  Bruce Castor, Montgomery County district attorney didn’t file sexual assault claims at the time stating “insufficient credible admissible evidence.” The two parties reached a civil settlement in 2006.

The case was reopened because of new evidence, the opened deposition from the 2006 civil suit, and other accusers coming forward.” The Montgomery County DA made this case an election issue, and promptly filed charges after he was elected.  Cosby was arrested in December 2015 and posted bail.

Cosby’s attorney argues that the case should be thrown out because the former DA, Castor, announced that Cosby wouldn’t be tried in this case.  Castor said he did so because he knew it would be easier for Constand to receive a civil settlement if Cosby didn’t have to fear prosecution during his deposition.

Cosby maintains he has never sexually assaulted any woman.

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