Gun Control

Fifteen Hours of Talk and Still No Action on Gun Control

Just now the Senate has failed to pass two bills on gun control.  Both of these bills were created to expand background checks; they were just written differently.  Even after a 15 hour filibuster, to bring to light a need for background checks and to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists, this Congress cannot come together bipartisanly to create ONE bill that can be sent to the House.

It is absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible for the members of government to not be able to put their differences aside for the public good and discuss gun control.  One bill, proposed by Republican Chuck Grassley, failed 53-47 mostly on party lines. The other bill was proposed by Democrat Chris Murphy, the same Senator who held the 15 hour filibuster, and it failed 44-56 again mostly along party lines.

I, like the majority of Americans, am getting tired of nothing getting done.  The American people don’t want to wait for the next election, we want change now.

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