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Trump trying to Distance himself from Descent

Donald Trump is a businessman and from all accounts not used to hearing wide-scale decent.  This is an issue when you are the President, and your job is to be the first servant of the people.  318.9 million people (as of 2014) do not all agree.  Of that population, only 138,884,643 people are eligible to vote (roughly 60%).  Of that population, 92,671,979 didn’t vote at all.  So out of all the people in America, only 231,556,622 actually voted, and as we know Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the popular vote, but he won the Electoral College.

These numbers are important to think about, when we look at all the protests, and all of the people in the streets making noise about Donald Trump, most of them didn’t vote for him.  Honestly many of them either didn’t vote for Hillary either.  The Democratic party disheartened many of its voters with its own scandals, and people voted either a third party or not at all.  There were even large write-in campaigns for Bernie Sanders and Harambe.

Last night President Trump fired the acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to defend his executive order to close the border to refugees and halt immigration and travel from the countries listed in the ‘Muslim Ban.’  Trump has already asked the career heads of the State Department to resign.

Trump is trying to fill his cabinet with “yes men and yes women” and is trying to take out anyone in the government that doesn’t agree with him.  The only branch of government he cannot dismiss any members from is the Supreme Court, although he will be naming his replacement for Scalia tonight.  Some would wonder if the Supreme Court overruled an executive order of President Trumps if he would follow their ruling, or if he would be like President Andrew Jackson who said, “You made your ruling, now enforce it.”

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