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When Politics Makes You Upset

Truth be told for many in the United States, the political climate has been toxic.  Many believe that the politicians in Washington DC are not looking out for the best interest of themselves, or the world around them.  In the last three months, the media has been hyper-focused on what is happening in Washington DC because the current presidential administration is either feeding them lies or accusing them of writing fake news.

It seems as though this administration was elected and is being run by fear.

Fear is not a way to run one’s presidency or to run a country.

So what can we do? What can we do when the news, the administration, or one’s own family upsets us to the point of wanting to withdraw from all political discussion?

Minds and hearts are not usually changed by shouty people shouting at each other. Would your’s? Calm and rational discussion usually lead to people realizing they are more alike.

It is much easier to rant and rave over the internet. Reading troll comments could make a person’s head spin, but actually talking to a person, face to face, about his or her beliefs makes both parties realize they are human with the same hopes and fears that everyone else has.

Unplugging doesn’t mean ignoring the world around you. Turn off your phone notifications. Set a time of day when you read, watch, or scroll. We are not meant to be constantly wired in, and we all deserve to relax and enjoy the world around us and the people around us.

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