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Neil Gorsuch Gets his Day in Front of the Senate

After the death of Antonin Scalia,  a space was left open on the higest court of the land.  The Republican controled Senate under the Obama administration refused an up or down vote on Merrick Garland, former President Obama’s pick to replace Scalia.  President Trump had nominated Neil Gorsuch.  Neil Gorsuch is a conservative in the same vein as Scalia.  Some see Gorsuch as the perfect replacement for Scalia, basically putting the same type of judge (only younger) in the same spot.

Some question wether or not the Democrats want to use their political capitol fighting this nominee, when we could use that capitol fighting a replacement for a more liberal judge.  It could also be argued haveing another strict constructionist on the Supreme Court could be a good thing, because strict constructionists do not believe in unchecked power of the president.

One has to remember that, while many judges are elected locally, the Supreme Court is a life-time appointment.  Once Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court the eb and flow of politics, or the whims of our Chief Executive cannot change their decisions.

Hopefully the Democrats in Congress will listen, have good questions, and give fair consideration of what this country needs right now.  Many of our constitutional liberties are at stake, and a strict construtionist may be what we need.

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