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Are Kids Really Informed about the World Around Them?

When the walk outs were happening earlier this month many people on social media were saying that these kids were “just following the herd” and that they “really don’t understand what’s going on.”  This day in age is very different then when I was growing up.  In the 1990s those under twelve either received their news from their parents or by watching Nick News with Linda Elerbee.  Once we were teenager most of us did not watch the news unless we were told to for a school assignment.  The news did not follow us around 24-7.

But today’s children, especially teenagers are more informed than ever before. Outside of Google, kids in elementary schools are given smart phones.  Many parents do not realize that the phone will automatically push news notifications to their phones.  Teenagers while having smart phones also have social media.  Facebook’s news feed gives more information to its users then I ever received as a kid.  Also the articles that their friends, relatives and neighbors share help to inform that child’s opinion about what is going on in the world.

One last thing to add.  Kids are the ones that understand gun violence in schools more than anyone else.  Lockdown drills are real, and are scary, especially to the little ones.  I have on multiple occasions had to hold and clam a crying kindergartener during a lock down drill while substitute teaching.  Kids are told why this is happening and why they have to sit in the dark and be quiet.

Kids these days are better informed and are receiving their information from multiple sources.   They know what they are protesting and why.

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