Thinking about Mother’s Day

This year I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Yes, I know my little one hasn’t arrived yet, but close enough right? Anyway, my husband’s best friend decided to buy myself and his wife (who is also expecting) prenatal massages. And when my husband and I returned home he made me an amazing dinner with a wonderful fake rosé. As a side note grape juice “rosé” is delicious.

My husband made my first Mother’s Day a sweet and caring day. Thinking about how Mother’s Day is treated in this social media laced world though feels problematic. A day where one should be celebrating their own mother’s, or allowing their children or husbands to spoil them, we spend more time thinking about the post we will put on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I do it too, and I know I am sounding hypocritical when I say this. But at the same time when we see posts about how amazing someone’s particular mother is we then see posts reminding us that, some people don’t have mothers due to death, relationship problems or other reasons, and that holidays like this just brings this to light.

Aren’t we allowed to be happy? You see a similar post about humble bragging about your pregnancy or talking about it too much because it hurts those who have experienced a loss, or are infertile. We are meant to share everything are we meant to have to worry about the possible hurt feelings of others? Do we have to be empathetic on a form of media where we want to brag about our accomplishments or how cool and amazing our mom is? These are questions I had yesterday and I was wondering what you thought?

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