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Both Sides of the Gun Control Debate are going through the Ohio Legislature Right Now

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As I am writing this article two bills are simultaneously going through the Ohio Legislature. HB 228 or the “Stand Your Ground Law” will make it easier for Ohioans to use deadly force in self defense. On the other side is HB 585 which would ban bump stock, armor piercing ammunition, and create a “red flag” law that would keep guns out of the hands of people the courts decide.

These laws are being pushed through before the summer recess, since most in the Ohio legislature do not think there will be a chance to pass these bills until after the next election. Any of these legislators, on either side of the isle would love to spend their summer electioneering being able to say they did something for safety or defense.

Interestingly while looking at the issues that surround gun control we haven’t heard anything being done on a federal level. States are taking the reigns on gun control at the moment. This can be both a good and bad thing, if more states can pass these “red flag” laws, we can prevent criminals or those with mental issues from purchasing weapons out of state.

What is truly needed is a conversation when it comes to gun control. Everyone wants our children to be safe. Everyone wants to feel safe. How to make those things happen is where we differ. Having a dialogue would allow those on both sides to see each-other as human, rather as the enemy. Posting stuff on social media doesn’t help either side, when our news feeds are curated to make us feel good about ourselves, or outraged at how idiotic x,y, or z person can be. I would like to see discussion and debate. What do you think?

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