The Waiting Game

I’m sitting on my couch with a cat halfway on my lap waiting. Waiting for my son to be born. I know I am a very impatient person. My due date isn’t until June the 4th, but I am waiting.

This was a rough weekend for me. On Wednesday I went in for a test because I was contracting, no baby but high blood pressure, and a new list of things to worry about. Sunday I went in because I had some of the symptoms that were described to me to worry about when dealing with high blood pressure. I was made to feel like a worrywart. Monday though, I was contracting all day, and after dinner, my contractions were at 8 minutes apart, then 5 minutes apart, and by the time we arrived at the hospital they were 3 minutes apart. My husband and I were ready to have that baby then.

After an exam, which nobody tells you how uncomfortable they are, and being told I was closed, the nurse said they would check on the baby, have me walk around and see if anything changed, but then my blood pressure was high again, and stayed high. My husband and I were at the hospital for 6 hours, scared and nervous. They kept assuring me that the baby was fine, but what about me? Is there something wrong with me? Why if all of my labs are good is my blood pressure high? The doctors gave me a shot in the butt to relax me, and after sleeping for an hour my blood pressure went down enough for them to send me home. I saw MY doctor later that day, who was surprised they sent me home, but said I was good at that moment, and we made a game plan for the end of my pregnancy.

I am just waiting. Impatiently to meet my son. I hope that my blood pressure isn’t going to be a problem every time I am having contractions. I wish I knew what was going on. Mostly I am waiting, with a cat on my lap, ready to meet my son.

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