Things I Have Come to Love as a New Mom

My son is two weeks old as of yesterday. And while I still wholeheartedly believe that I have the cutest baby in the world, being a new mom is hard. Especially being a new mom after having a c section. C Sections are no joke and definitely not the easy way out that some people accuse them of being. While learning how to be a new parent, and learning what type of baby you have, you are also in pain. I have come to love a few things over the last two weeks that have made my life much easier. This list is not comprehensive, but it sure helps a stressed out exhausted mommy feel better.

I had a c section and I had also been on some strong pain killers. My husband did not feel comfortable waking me up from deep sleep to feed our baby at night. I was also getting annoyed at pumping because my pregnancy-related carpal tunnel hadn’t completely resolved itself and holding the bottles had become cumbersome and annoying. So I started looking at pumping bras but realised that I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of new bras, and I saw this contraption on Amazon. It’s perfect for allowing me to pump extra but have my hands free. I am pumping right now while typing this article. It allows my husband to feed my child breast milk while I am napping, and he doesn’t feel guilty waking me up. This is a win/win for our family.

2: The faces my husband makes at my baby.

My husband is a speech therapist and has been very clear about us not using made-up words to the baby, but he loves making funny faces at him. Those moments when I am tired and my whole body starts hurting, seeing him making faces at the baby, or talking to him using funny voices, makes me laugh so much that it makes my stitches hurt, don’t worry the doctor says my stitches look great.

3. YouTube

4: Watching my son grow and change.

I just posted a picture of my son on Facebook, comparing the day he was born to two weeks later and he looks so different, not just that his head has rounded out. I know that newborns change very quickly but it just seems like a rocket. I know that we will miss this era in our lives of just being able to hold out little man and him only needing us. But I am amazed at how fast he grows and changes and I love watching it.

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