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Day Twenty-Two of the Government Shutdown

Today is the 22nd day of the government shutdown, and it doesn’t seem as though either side is willing to budge. President Trump will not budge on his campaign promise of building a wall between the United States and Mexico and Democratic leadership will not budge on not funding a wall. This stand down is about ego and political clout, and nobody is winning right now.

How did we, speaking as an American, get into this predicament where there is no room to compromise. That sure as hell isn’t what the framers of the constitution wanted, and this is also why George Washington didn’t trust political parties. This leaves the politicians fighting for their party more than fighting for the people they represent.

How do we fix this mess? Honestly, all the politicians need to get their heads out of their own butts and realize that the 800,000 people out of work or working without pay are voters, and upset ones at that. We should be thinking about how to get these people back to work. The economy is suffering, business is suffering, and other people are loosing money outside of those workers. Soon enough mortgage companies will be pushing people out of their homes and landlords will be pushing people out of their aparments. Navient will be asking for their money, and other bills will come due.

Citizens also need to realize that the mess in DC will affect them. It will mess with their paycheck, their bottom line, or something else. Politics should be a way to help guarantee the safety of peoples who may not be protected by the majority. Politics should not be a way for the minority to hold the country hostage.

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