The 2020 Democratic Primaries Have Already Started

On Martin Luther King Jr Day 2019 Kamala Harris announced her bid to win the Democratic nomination for president. This field his already filled with politicians, with eight people already announcing their candidacy (including Harris) and, depending on the publication, four to six more likely to announce before Memorial Day. The New Hampshire Primary is first and, if 2016 is a gauge for 2020, will be sometime in early February.

Having so many Democrats run for president is a good thing for the party, showing its strength and the number of people that can be taken seriously as candidates, but can also lead to problems. For an opposition party to overtake an incumbent president the message needs to be strong and on point. There isn’t one Democratic party message, because the party had to regionalize to win House seats. We can see with this new batch of House members that their goals are for their district. The Democratic party doesn’t have a national message yet. The party needs to figure out its message to reach voters. What does it mean to be a Democrat? I do not believe that “not Trump” is going to win the presidency.

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